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About Us


Braai, a native Afrikaans word, means to relax with friends or family around an open fire where the meat is cooked on a braai grid. This is the time when stories of the day are told, games are played and the young and old reminisce and share their love for food and drink. Growing up in South Africa the tradition of a braai was ingrained from an early age. I have now been living in Scotland for the last 20 years, but the passion for a braai is one thing that has never faded.

This has also rubbed off on my Scottish family who will too often remind me that it is “braai time” when we have gone without a braai for more than a week. Come rain or snow, a “boer maak n plan” and a braai must be had.

It was this desire to carry on with the tradition and outdoor lifestyle I was used to in South Africa, regardless of the colder climate, that made me start a business linking my place of birth, namely Cape Town, with my new home, Scotland.

We as a family will aim to provide quality braai grids to anyone who has a passion for, or just enjoys a “lekker ou braai”.

And the difference between a Braai and a BBQ? – Well, that’s a story for another day.