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Notice of Food Safety Product Recall: 05/08/2021

Dear Customer.

We have identified a deficiencyin the side seam weld of an extremely small number of cans that could lead to cans developing a leak. The issue affects various KOO products.

No health issues have been reported to date, and the likelihood of a health risk is extremely low, but the company has made the decision to initiate a recall in the best interest of consumers.

Product Code





Manufactured between Dates
15-4259- Koo Koo Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 410g 1/5/2019 – 5/5/2021
15-10006- Koo Koo Butter Beans 410g 1/5/2019 – 5/5/2021
15-10012- Koo Koo Baked Beans Chili Beans 420g 1/5/2019 – 5/5/2021
15-2393- Koo Koo Baked Beans in Curry Sauce 410g 1/5/2019 – 5/5/2021
15-2394- Koo Koo Baked Beans in Hot Chakalaka 410g 1/5/2019 – 5/5/2021
15-4253- Koo Koo Cream Style Sweetcorn 415g 1/5/2019 – 5/5/2021
15-4161- Koo Koo Veg Curry in Tangy Sauce 420g 1/5/2019 – 5/5/2021
15-4160- Koo Koo Veg Curry Hot 420g 1/5/2019 – 5/5/2021
15-10021- Koo Koo Veg Curry 420g 1/5/2019 – 5/5/2021
15-10018- Koo Koo Mixed Vegetables 410g 1/5/2019 – 5/5/2021

Please feel free to return the any of the affected items for a refund to the shop where it was purchased.  The only product that we stock is the Cream Style Sweetcorn.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.